Rancilio silvia pro review

The Rancilio Silvia has earned a reputation for reliability in the domestic coffee market. Its successor, the Silvia Pro, offers what consumers love about the original with the technology to match. The first Rancilio Silvia left the factory in In the two-plus decades since, little has changed about the humble domestic espresso machine, which can still be recognised for its sleek and simple silver exterior.

However, as the coffee industry grew, Rancilio saw the opportunity to update the classic model with new technology. The Silvia Pro measures in at a sleek 25 centimetres wide by 42 centimetres deep and 39 centimetres high.

Despite the compact size, the dual boiler espresso machine allows different temperatures to easily be set for extraction and steam. Proportional-integral-derivative control is used in both boilers to maintain consistent and stable heat.

rancilio silvia pro review

With the Silvia such an iconic model — Paul says it is one of the highest selling domestic machines of all time — the Rancilio team was at first reluctant to change it.

So, our biggest consideration was to keep it true to the Silvia DNA. With domestic coffee machines, Paul adds that usability and efficiency are key. The Silvia Pro features a similar interface and switch controls to the classic model, with the addition of a digital display showing the temperature of the boilers.

Small buttons bearing a plus and minus on either side of the display allow for easy temperature adjustment. Paul says smaller domestic machines have their advantages, including the ability to heat up within minutes. Customers want their quality, they want their consistency, and they want their outstanding performance, but they want it ASAP.

A domestic machine as advanced as the Silvia Pro requires a sophisticated grinder to go with it. Rancilio has provided this with the V50, a grinder featuring a horizontal motor and millimetre vertical flat burrs. The front ring control regulates and can mark preferred grind size, allowing for different coffee recipes to be set on the fly. Paul says the grinder was designed to minimise retention, a practical necessity when catering to the at home market. The challenge is achieving the quality and the performance of a commercial grinder with less waste.

This is particularly prominent in Australia, where coffee drinkers will pay good prices for great beans. Paul says this reflects the seriousness with which Rancilio approaches domestic coffee making. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

He adds that the Silvia Pro maintains all of these qualities, while upping the performance to meet the high standards of the local market. For more information, visit www. Latest Magazine About Advertise Subscribe. The Rancilio V50 grinder was developed in unison with the Silvia Pro. Follow Us 9, Fans. How brew water temperature effects espresso extraction. Water treatment around Australia. Why coffee milk bubbles and how to avoid it. Iced drip vs Cold Brew.Looks Interesting.

Double boiler packed into a small unit, dual PID with shot timer, programmable wake-up mode etc If they price this right, it could shake up the entry level arena a bit.

The middle button on the left column seems to have a eram drawing, so, it might be that it will turn the steam boiler on. Looking at your average price of the Silvia in Uk of quid Id reckon quid on this would be the go. A serious contender in that range of DB's. Would that be sufficient to make 4 espressos one after another? Only just. As long as you're not flushing in between i guess. You'd have to keep an eye on the PID though for your recovery after each shot, but I guess the boiler would automatically pull in some fresh water after each shot anyway?

Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but thats how my GC works I'm sure.

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Looks like it'll blow the Classic pro out of the water. Wonder if the auto off will be as easy to disable as the current Silvia's. Not pretty, IMO. Though I said that about the white Niche, and you can guess what my grinder is It probably will blow it out of the water BUT it'll probably also be x the price of even a new Classic Pro and more like 10x the price of a used Classicwhich is a significant consideration for most people in the usual Gaggia Classic vs Silvia dilemma.

Long time coming. Be interested to see how they are running the 0. Photo looks like a franken silvialooks wise is pretty dated or like they just cant be bothered to make a new machine. Steam boiler is 1litre so on the small side too?

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This machine is in compact dual boiler class, compare it with similar designs like Lelit PL92T. I like its retro look. This machine is in compact dual boiler class compare it with similar designs like Lelit PL92T. Am guessing you haven't read the specs on the linky in the first post where it specifically states it has a PID. I like the looks of that I asked Bella barista about stocking this but they said the price was too high Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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Coffee Forums Media Kit. Reply to this topic Start new topic.Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine. This is a solid machine with a well-respected history.

Unfortunately, it has struggled to keep pace with more modern equipment. Recommended for: Not newbie friendly, but recommended for anyone else. Note: With the PID retrofit, add 0. Are you a diehard Do It Yourselfer, looking for a well-priced, old school machine that allows you to control every aspect of the process of crafting your favorite specialty coffee drinks? It has been described as a bit of a harsh mistress.

Roberto Rancilio founded the company and launched the Rancilio brand in Milan, Italy, in The company quickly gained a reputation for producing rugged, durable machines known for their quality and reliability. While the company is known for making high-quality commercial machines, the Silvia is primarily designed for home use. The Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine was introduced in as a thank-you gift for its restaurant-grade espresso machines distributors.

Since its release, there have been several versions of the Silvia. Two and three can still be found on Ebay from time to time, and some vendors still carry and sell version 4. Note: When we first wrote this review, we focused on the v3 model, however, a few things have been upgraded since. Here's an overview of how Miss Silvia has changed over the years:. The very first Rancilio Silvia had several upgrades from the time it was first brought to the market before the model was introduced.

The changes according to some sources are these:. The Rancilio Silvia had a new drip tray design and a chrome-coated plastic cover for the brew group. The Silvia v4 has the same body and function as the v3 but features a new stainless steel heating element that is no longer welded to the boiler, but is screwed on.

So, if the heating element ever burns out, one can simply replace the heating element instead of replacing the whole boiler. For coffee enthusiasts, it's the Silvia v5.

What's special about this model:. Dressed all in silver, owing to its high polish, stainless steel construction, and designed around an old-school aesthetic, this machine looks like it means business. Despite its rough and ready, commercial appearance, the machine only measures 9. This is always an important feature for us because we drink a lot of coffee. Our ideal machine has a sixty-ounce water tank, minimum, and the Rancillo Silvia espresso machine exceeds this mark, offering a top-loading ounce reservoir.

Of note, the tank does not have or accept a water filter, and the Silvia is not engineered to have a dedicated water line run to it. To that end, steer clear of blade grinders, and get the best ceramic burr your budget will allow for.

The Rancilio Silvia semi automatic machine features a single, insulated copper boilerwhich is reflective of its old-school design philosophy. Most of the machines on the market today use an aluminum boiler, lined with stainless steel. Located on the underside of the portafilter, they are fixed in their position. Crafted of stainless steel inside and out, it was designed with the die-hard Do-It-Yourselfer in mind. All of the components are of exceptional quality, and the machine was designed so that anything that fails can easily be swapped out for a new part.

Because of that, with proper care and maintenance, this machine could last you decades. The front face of the Rancilio Silvia coffee maker really puts its old-school design on display. The only way around that is to simply practice with it until you get to know the equipment.The advanced brewing technology of the Rancilio Silvia Pro is impressive with a limited footprint thanks to its compact design.

The new Silvia has an addition of dual PID, a digital display, and two independent boilers. With the steam boiler being separate from the brew boiler, the Rancilio designed the Silvia Pro to meet the needs of even the most expert baristas.

Unlike the original Silvia, the Rancilio Silvia Pro is much easier to use.

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To make a latte, for example, from start to finish on Silvia, it was steps. With the dual boiler configuration of the Silvia Pro, you can do nearly all of those steps in just one! Being able to steam and brew at the same time is extremely convenient and makes the Silvia Pro even more of a dream to use.

With multi-directional stainless steel steam wands, this single group espresso machine makes creating beautiful micro foam easier to get the wand at the exact angle needed. Both took about 15 seconds or less to get from fridge temp to F. For a machine the size of the Rancilio Silvia Pro, this is impressive! Something definitely of note! The PID is the life of your double boiler espresso machine. It controls the internal boiler temperature of each boiler to the tenth of a degree!

The dual boilers open you up to try a much wider range of coffees and offer a range of coffee solutions that Silvia previously was not capable of. As soon as you start your brew process, the timer will start. The PID and timer is the screen at the center on the machine.

It is a very comfortable place to see exactly how long your shot is running. A general rule of thumb is that a shot brewed at 9-bar should take about twenty-five to thirty seconds from start to finish for two ounces of espresso.

While the Rancilio Silvia Pro does not have a built-in timer, there is an auto-on feature called wake-up mode. The wake-up mode is a little tricky to get into with slightly complicated cycling through menus, but it allows you to set the machine to turn back on X-hours later. After doing the math, you can set it in half-hour increments. Very similar to many Italian made espresso machines, the Rancilio Silvia has an energy-saving auto-off. This auto-off turns the Silvia Pro off by default after 30 minutes of inactivity.

It can be set higher than 30 minutes up to 2 hours in half-hour increments. Close menu. Espresso Machines. Dual Boilers. Heat Exchangers.By: Rancilio.

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As a nod to the classic Rancilio Silvia, the Silvia Pro comes with exciting upgrades. The new Silvia Pro includes everything we loved about the original with an extra level of convenience as a dual boiler machine with a built-in PID. Get your mugs ready. You're in for a treat. Learn more. The Rancilio Silvia Pro is a dual boiler espresso machine that uses a vibratory pump, saturated group head, and a built-in PID with a shot timer. This machine runs on its own internal reservoir.

You're the traditionalist with a love of espresso, and your partner craves a creamy cappuccino in the morning. Reliability and serviceability are of the utmost importance, but you don't necessarily want to sacrifice aesthetics either.

Look no further than the Silvia Pro. The Silvia Pro is the newest rendition of this classic machine with a similar look and feel, but now with the convenience of a dual boiler system and a commercial machine's performance. Equipped with a built-in PID and shot timer, this machine certainly can compete with other machines in its range.

With independent temperature control, you can also dial in the perfect temperature to make your roast of choice shine. PIDs allow the most precise temperature adjustment and control of boilers by continuously calculating the amount of power needed to maintain the target temperature. They also allow more detailed information to be displayed to the user than traditional thermostat controlled systems.

Shot timers measure the brew time from the time the pump is activated. This information is extremely helpful for dialing in an espresso grinder to the ideal second 1. Help me with making espresso I need technical or repair help. Home Barista Starter Kit Free gift with espresso machine purchase.

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Rancilio Silvia Pro Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Silvia Pro

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Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine Review

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rancilio silvia pro review

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rancilio silvia pro review

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